OS Distributions

Prebuilt distribution options

Preseed/Kickstart/installerconfig files used and other source material

These can be installed from the VPS console using option 9.

Netboot Installers

Instead of manually downloading a netboot installer or using one of our prebuilt images, you may interactively use a netboot installer we already downloaded. These may be accessed using option 6 from the VPS console. Here is a full list of available netboot installers:

Netboot Installers and Paravirtualized mode

For PV VPSes, at the end of the install either you must have the file (hd0,0)/boot/grub/menu.lst present to boot with pv-grub (grub legacy), or you must have a grub2 config file and switch to booting with grub 2.

Errata on making your system bootable in PV mode:

Notes for Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 and Ubuntu Eoan 19.10

Ubuntu Bionic and Ubuntu Focal originally shipped with systemd-networkd. We have disabled it in our images, in favor of the ifupdown scheme used by other Linux distributions.