Netboot Install

Netboot install is used to interactively install an OS distribution to your virtual machine where it is configured manually rather than the unattended install a comparable prebuilt image would. Manual install are used in cases like creating a filesystem other than EXT4 or to enable disk encryption.

Netboot can also be run in rescue mode, used to recover or repair an existing installation. Netboot rescue may be available for end-of-life operating system releases no longer provided as a prebuilt image.

Available in the VPS console using option 6.

Netboot Install and Paravirtualized mode

For PV VPSes, at the end of the install either you must have the file (hd0,0)/boot/grub/menu.lst present to boot with pv-grub (grub legacy), or you must have a grub2 config file and switch to booting with grub 2.

Errata on making your system bootable in PV mode: