is now Tornado VPS

Since 2005 has offered virtual private servers to the general public. In 2022 we’ll continue to host virtual private servers under our new name – Tornado VPS.

Tornado VPS remains focused on providing self-managed Xen hosting for the technically adept. If you already have a VPS service through it is now hosted under our new name and is otherwise unchanged. Same IP address, VPS package, and hardware.

As we have changed the company name along with our DNS domain name, we are taking the opportunity to standardize, simplify, and improve our customer-facing interfaces. To this end, the canonical DNS domain name of your VPS services, along with your serial console, have changed. Account user names, passwords, SSH public keys and other credentials remain unchanged.

  1. Each of your existing services is now available as <service-label> The previous canonical name was <service-label> If you access your VPS using your own DNS domain name continue to do so. Note that is in the .net gTLD.

  2. The VPS console is now available at:

    $ ssh

    Where service-label is the hostname of your VPS. Note that is in the .com gTLD. The previous VPS console name was

  3. The billing interface is The previous URL was The interface itself has not changed, other than modifications attendant to the name changing to Tornado VPS.

  4. If you haven’t changed your PTR record and the rdata for that record refers to it will be changed to If you have set your PTR record to another hostname it will remain as you have set it. You can modify your PTR record from the VPS console.

  5. Support requests should be directed to The previous support address was

Beginning April 2nd 2022, the DNS entries will be disabled and you will need to use the Tornado VPS entries as provided above. Please update your browser bookmarks, SSH configuration, and technical notes to refer to the Tornado VPS DNS domain names.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to continuing to be your hosting provider and are glad you have found our service suitable to your needs.